Friday, June 8, 2012

Limitless Horizons

Doesn’t this photograph say it all?  Summer. 

On behalf of Mr. Jonas, Senora Wright, and myself, thank you so much for a very pleasant school year.  Thank you for your support throughout the year.  May you have a restful, family-filled, fun summer.  May your water be warm and clear, your trails bear-free, and your climbs include all the rightly-placed footholds.  Safe travels.  Have FUN!

Warm regards to my illustrious teaching partner, Ross Jonas, as he and his family say goodbye to Monterey, and turn their attention to relocating in Japan.  Ross, your new school is very fortunate to be receiving you next year.  We look forward to staying in touch, and hearing about your new school and your new life.  Hugs to your family.

Best wishes to our four departing students:  Elaina (her family is moving to the Central Valley), Danielle (transferring to PG Middle), and Lexie and Mae (both attending Carmel Middle). 

For the several other families considering a transfer, whether to a school down the block or across the state, know that it is very important to formally say goodbye, both for your child and for the rest of the group.  Sudden, unannounced departures should be avoided.   The loss leaves a vacuum.

Looking ahead to the next few years, as your kids enter middle school and the occasionally confusing world of adolescence, know that you (kids and families) can always look to me as a neutral advocate.  It’s a role that I much enjoy.

See you in August!  Watch for the final videos arriving by post in the next two weeks. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chasing Pirates/How Does It Feel? Stills From Clips

The filming of our two video programs, choreographed to the music of Nora Jones (Chasing Pirates) and Avril Lavingne (How Does It Feel?), has now concluded.  Both programs will be edited in the next week, once school's out and the dust settles, burned to DVD, and mailed to all families.

Chasing Pirates/How Does It Feel? Behind The Scenes

Mae is one of 4 students leaving ISM this year.  Mae is surrounded by her 5A classmates. 

 The lyrics of How Does It Feel? are chalked onto cement paths running beside our classrooms.

  The students in 5A have been terrific sports about performing for the filming of Chasing Pirates.

Field Day 3: Kickball Pics

Photos by Jacob M.  Find the full set of Field Day pics on PicasaWeb.

Field Day 2: Kids' Pics


Most of these photos were taken by Jacob M after Field Day.  (Thank you, Jacob.)  Find the full set of Field Day pics on PicasaWeb.